Making MEATER the Official Wireless Meat Thermometer of the Winter Holiday Season

KickStarter darling, Apption Labs, came to GreenRoom with their wildly popular truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer, MEATER, hoping to convert the crowdfunding momentum into sales-earning media coverage and brand awareness.

GreenRoom’s MEATER campaign kicked-off in time for the highly coveted Holiday Gift Guide season, so the agency set forth to make MEATER the official wireless meat thermometer of the holidays. The agency solidified the brand’s presence in the consumer market by developing a launch strategy centered on earned media to introduce the brand to the consumer public ahead of the year’s holiday gifting season.  

By focusing on MEATER as the world’s first truly wireless meat thermometer, the agency generated a groundswell of press throughout the all-important holiday sales timeframe.

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The overall launch strategy positioned Apption Labs and MEATER as the kitchen innovation of the season. Generating name recognition and market share in the competitive home & houseware verticals was a challenge the agency welcomed, surpassing even the most optimistic projections.

The agency secured numerous marquee media placements in gift guides, product features and broadcast segments, with coverage in Brit + Co, Digital Trends, CNET, Hello Giggles, Yahoo! Lifestyle, MSN, Yahoo! Tech, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, Popular Science, Thrillist, The New York Post and HuffPost, all of which fostered sales during the crucial holiday season.

A snapshot of the campaign’s metrics shows a strong steady reach with high comparative ad value, secured through earned media:

  •       1,434,246,007 total online impressions
  •       7,681,764 total circulation
  •      $646,701 print and broadcast comparative ad value

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Going Bananas With Del Monte to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social followers might just be more interested in checking out a brand, if they get the chance to win a banana suit! To help bolster client Del Monte Fresh’s social engagement, the agency partnered with the brand to develop the “Go Bananas” campaign. Designed to spark social engagement and on the ground in select cities, Go Bananas encouraged Del Monte Fresh fans to share the ways they stay healthy using the official campaign hashtag for a chance to win a colorful banana suit. Oddly enough, people really, really wanted to win a banana suit!

The agency tapped a variety of healthy lifestyle and food influencers to support the campaign through sharing banana-themed recipes and hosting real-time Instagram Stories.

The agency planned Go Bananas events in Houston, Chicago, and Coral Gables featuring Del Monte Fresh games, prizes, and more. To drive in-person traffic, these regional events were supported through real-time community management, content development, and strategic geo-targeted ads.

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So, what happens when you offer your social followers the chance to win a banana costume? Exciting results, of course. Check them out:

  •       210% increase in Instagram fans and a nearly 25 percent increase in Facebook fans
  •       More than 100% increase in engagement on Instagram and Facebook
  •       An incredible 1,056% increase in engagement on Twitter
  •       A total of 1,551 tags were generated for the Go Bananas official campaign hashtag

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A Kids Book About, a GreenRoom Client, About Takes Home Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Designation

Part of any strong PR and digital program is identifying relevant awards to not only validate a product or service but also advance a brand strategically whether from a funding or CSR perspective or continually raising the brand’s profile in the eyes of the media. With many pay-to-play programs masquerading as awards, it is critical for the PR team to have a strong knowledge of the ones that carry the cache and the ones to politely decline.

GreenRoom client A Kids Book About was just awarded the number 3 spot on Fast Company’s 2021 Most Innovative Company List for the North America category. It’s a massive validation for the barely two-year-old company that is disrupting not only the direct-to-consumer publishing model but the kinds of stories that parents can share with their children that include topics such as racism, money management, body image, and bullying, to name a few.

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Highlighting the brand’s unique innovative products, mission-driven brand purpose, and diversity-focused growth efforts, the agency was able to work closely with the A Kids Book About Team to form a narrative that turned heads at the venerable business publication. For A Kids Book About, winning this award offers new recognition as a transformative brand striving to shape society for the better. It fosters industry credibility ability for this emerging brand, serving as an invaluable tool to set A Kids Book About apart from the competition and an important driver for growth-focused funding initiatives.

GreenRoom’s deep knowledge of a brand’s ethos, goals, and unique offerings gives us a considerable edge when evaluating relevant honors for our brands. With that in mind, we approach each award submission process focused on the end goal of driving visibility, recognition, and never tire of sharing in the thrill of assisting brands in becoming category leaders.

Becoming Pandemic-Relevant: Helping Audio Brand Edifier Take Center Stage For WFH

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, client Edifier and GreenRoom realized how important affordable earbuds, headphones, and desktop speakers would become in this new work from home era. 

To make Edifier a much buzzed about WFH household name, the agency introduced the brand as providers for solutions to common work at home/school at home noise and audio problems to consumer lifestyles outlets and showcased Edifier’s abilities to both meet new pandemic-centric demands while being affordable and accessible in a tough economy. While historically focused on CE Tech and Audio trade media for product reviews, the GreenRoom team knew that a consumer and lifestyles driven focus would help the brand gain strong visibility among the brand’s key sales demographic as a recommendation of must-have audio solutions for people who suddenly found themselves working from home or attending school from home amidst lockdowns.

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Week after week of noteworthy product reviews and media recommendations in national and regional marquee consumer lifestyles outlets, spanning across print and digital, helped the brand gain notoriety as a reliable provider of affordable, top-quality work and school at home audio devices. Over 215 pieces of media coverage were delivered to the Edifier team by GreenRoom between March and June 2020 in top lifestyles and consumer outlets like BuzzFeed, NBC News, and Rolling Stone. The total cumulative reach was 6.4 billion UMV over the 4-month period!


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Making Air Quality Monitoring Mainstream Across the Airwaves for Airthings

Before COVID had you ever considered monitoring Indoor Air Quality? Airthings has been at it since 2008 and their devices have completely changed the way people monitor and analyze cancer-causing radon and other dangerous indoor air pollutants. While they had carved out a name as a respected niche brand from a small country in a specialized industry, they also sought to get people talking about WHY they should care about the air they breathe, especially with Radon being the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. 

With this goal in mind, GreenRoom channeled the company’s passion and unique product range of smart Radon and IAQ detectors into a public relations program with a priority on premium, high-quality results that effectively conveyed the mission and overarching benefit of Airthings and its products. 2019 was also slated to be Airthings’ first CES with a robust booth presence on the show floor, and to supplement this presence, the brand needed a steady cadence of media coverage and interest leading up to the show, offering third-party validation and credibility to support the brand’s merit in CES award submissions.

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Stemming from CES efforts alone, GreenRoom secured coverage for Airthings on national broadcast segments with FOX & Friends and NBC News, airing in more than 100 markets, in addition to online coverage on Forbes, USA Today,,, and more. Additionally, selected Airthings’ Wave Mini as a “CES Editors’ Choice” award winner.

GreenRoom’s compelling and thought-provoking entry for Airthings’ Wave Plus in the 2019 CES Innovation Awards resulted in the product being named an Innovation Award Honoree. Airthings’ Wave Plus was also selected as an honorable mention in the Health & Wellness category for Fast Company’s 2019 “Life Changing Ideas” Awards, further cementing Airthings’ industry credibility and reputation for having a valuable impact on lives. Seeking additional third party validation from venerable media outlets, GreenRoom crafted an entry that ultimately led to the Wave Plus earning the distinction of one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019.

And there’s even more to speak of in our full case study.

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Peripherals and PR: Helping Roccat Climb the Gaming Accessory Leaderboard

When gamers seek computer peripherals for a competitive edge, what brands immediately come to mind? GreenRoom ensured ROCCAT would be one of them. The company designs and manufacturers gaming peripherals by combining German engineering and a genuine passion for gaming. At this point it had developed its first-ever keyboard switch that delivers industry-leading speeds to gamers: the Titan Switch Tactile [BM5] — soon to feature on its upcoming flagship keyboard, the Vulcan. 

Combined with the introduction of its proprietary AIMO RGB lighting tech, ROCCAT needed an integrated communications strategy to gain share of voice in the market. Over the course of 8 months, GreenRoom highlighted the brand’s innovations and industry-leading technology in the gaming and technology vertical markets.

GreenRoom’s work helped garner inclusions in nearly every top-tier gaming and technology outlet including Tom’s Guide, IGN, TechRadar, PC Mag, PC Gamer, PC World, Polygon, Mashable, Engadget, CNET, MSN and more, aiding in the sell-through of the overall product line.

With over a year’s work, it all culminated in over 2 billion impressions and a quarter million in comparative ad value – not including web, the bulk of earned media. The Vulcan 120 was also awarded the prestigious 2019 iF Design Award after it was nominated following agency-developed submissions, marking a first for ROCCAT. With the company’s profile raised within the media, entrenched competitor Turtle Beach acquired the brand soon after.

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With over a year’s work, it all culminated in over 2 billion impressions and a quarter million in comparative ad value – not including web, the bulk of earned media. The Vulcan 120 was also awarded the prestigious 2019 iF Design Award after it was nominated following agency-developed submissions, marking a first for ROCCAT. With the company’s profile raised within the media, entrenched competitor Turtle Beach acquired the brand soon after.

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How GreenRoom Helped Red Vines Become a Visionary, Confectionary Leader

How does an iconic candy brand like Red Vines stand out in a crowded confectionary industry space? GreenRoom found the solution by working closely with Red Vines’ marketing team to create a unique, never-before-done product that would get the attention of media brand fans. Known for their popular Super Rope, GreenRoom opted for the adage, “Bigger is Better” and helped the team develop a 50-foot long Red Vines Super Rope to commemorate National Licorice Day.

GreenRoom leveraged the lengthy treat in custom media boxes and event activations that showcased the beloved brand’s sense of fun, innovation in the candy marketplace, and 100+ year old history. Carrying the initiative further, GreenRoom helped bring Red Vines’ creativity and whimsy to the industry’s most impactful tradeshow, Sweets and Snacks Expo (SASE), to help unveil new products ahead of the busiest confectionary buy-in season of the year.

Roping in the results.

The results? GreenRoom positioned Red Vines as a visionary candy brand leader. The agency secured the brand a steady flowing stream of top tier media results with outlets like People Magazine,, Hello Giggles, Us Weekly, Delish, Tastemade, SimpleMost, Bustle, The Daily Meal, and Reader’s Digest as well as coveted trades like Candy Industry Magazine, Candy & Snack Today and many more. 

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The measurement of sweet success stemming from the agency’s tailored outreach and creative planning over the course of 16 months looks a bit like this: 

  • 1,487,046,750 total online impressions 
  • 11,519,589 total circulation 
  • $1,151,227 print and broadcast comparative ad value

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GreenRoom Nominated as Finalists For 3 Innovation SABRE Awards!

As we continue to pace toward a better year for 2021, we’re ecstatic that we’ve received nominations for Provoke Media’s Innovation SABRE Awards (North America) across three categories!

We’re floored by the results we were able to achieve for our clients through periods of global uncertainty which included our work with:

  • AirThings on “Humidity Heroes: Airthings Condair team to slow disease progression” for Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Health-tech
  • American Licorice Company on “Sweet & Sour sides of YouTube & TikTok” for Crowdsourcing and Co-creating
  • Ogden’s Own distillery on “Relief for Utah’s Service Industry and Sanitization for the Navajo Nation” for Best in Digital/Print Media – Regional (Earned)

We look forward to results on February 24th and wish good luck to all!

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GreenRoom Recognized in 2020 Best Places to Work by PRWeek

Closing out the year in spectacular fashion, the agency was honored in the 8th annual awards program by the leading industry organization, PR Week.  As stated by the award criteria, internal development, compensation, camaraderie and employee support have always been key issues for the judges. This year these qualities are all viewed through the lens of COVID-19. Organizations’ response to the unique circumstances of an unprecedented year factored heavily on the honorees selected.  

“It’s always appreciated and noteworthy, as is the case with this firm, when employees note their agency is all about good people and good work,” commented one judge. “And they clearly did a remarkable job protecting jobs during COVID and emphasizing diversity and inclusive efforts.” 

GreenRoom was among six other honorees in the Small Agency category.

While a difficult year for obvious reasons, the GreenRoom team persevered with exceptional work that was recognized by the venerable Shorty Social Good Awards, two wins from the Bulldog PR awards, and nominations from the In2 Innovation Sabre Awards as well as a nomination from PR Week for Outstanding Boutique Agency.

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The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings

How many times have you sent a text or email and that was later misinterpreted, either by a friend, family member or even a client? Although the world is becoming increasingly digital, the benefits of face-to-face interaction are irreplaceable—despite Skype and Apple’s aggressive efforts at video chatting! The following are a few reasons why you should think twice before scheduling your next call with a client.

1)            Body Language

Digital communication with clients and the media has its perks. It’s quick and straight-forward; however, digital communication can be tricky, especially when the relationship is new or a special project is at stake.

Let’s say you have a scheduled call with a client to propose a new outreach plan that includes pitching a product or aspect of the business through non-traditional angle. Once you finish laying out the strategy, there is a long pause on the line followed by, “Yeah, sure that’s a good idea.” You’d probably wish you wish you were sitting face-to-face to witness their initial reaction and body language? Instead of having to dig through a series of follow-up questions hoping to figure out your client’s actual sentiments, a face-to-face meeting would have allowed you to sense their attitude from the beginning and address the issue accordingly.

2)            Quality Collaboration

When was the last time you woke up without dozens of unread emails? While ubiquitous, shuffling through emails can often suck time and creativity from your work.  Do you think that world’s most creative teams come up with cutting-edge campaigns through an email thread? Unlikely.

Creative collaboration through email can prevent the natural flow of ideating, a vital component of any successful brainstorming session and project management discussion. A face-to-face meeting allows you and your team to bounce ideas off each other on the spot, rather than having to navigate an overflowing inbox.

3)            Establishing Trust

Trust is a critical component of any working relationship. In vendor relationships, which have the added pressure of expected results and the need for effective counsel in order to push a business’ bottom line, this trust needs to be developed especially quickly.  Face-to-face interaction goes miles in establishing this trust.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology measured the effectiveness of a face-to-face request versus an email request and found that face-to-face requests were 34 times more effective than emailed ones, due to nonverbal cues and perceived trustworthiness. Although technology has done wonders for society’s overall progress, the fact remains that we like facing each other. Technology isn’t going anywhere – we don’t want it to—but it’s important to realize the power of face-to-face communication isn’t backing down either.