B2B Success Story: Redefining Radar Technology to Unlock Human Potential

GreenRoom and Xandar Kardian: A B2B PR Program Rooted in the Business of Radar

Impressive PR results and linear growth for a B2B client that uses a well-known technology in a new, unexpected way? That’s what GreenRoom has achieved for Xandar Kardian, helping the company mature from a virtually unknown startup to the benchmark name in its category.

For the last three years, GreenRoom has led a B2B-focused PR program for Xandar Kardian, which uses innovative radar-sensing technology to help companies in the security, healthcare and proptech sectors.

Radar can be a beautiful thing. Most people think of radar in relation to locating the distance of vehicles or moving objects, but Xandar Kardian has pioneered a new, innovative way of using the radio waves of radar: to sense motion in the human body. And the implications are massive. Xandar Kardian’s sensors can unobtrusively unlock a treasure trove of data from humans, including presence detection that airports, commercial real estate, correctional facilities, hospitals and long-term facilities have deployed. These valuable insights can save lives and optimize business operations.

Here’s a snapshot of how GreenRoom’s efforts have helped put Xandar Kardian’s radar-based solutions on the map:

Saturation of Relevant Trade Press

  • Xandar Kardian’s radar sensing technology has transcended multiple industries, with a focus in healthcare, security, and real estate. GreenRoom has put Xandar Kardian squarely on the “radar” of the biggest names in B2B press, with coverage ranging from McKnight’s, BioWorld and Becker’s Hospital Review on the healthcare side to Security Business, Security Info Watch and SourceSecurity on the proptech front. 

Leveraging Data from Business Partnerships

  • GreenRoom has successfully collaborated with Xandar Kardian’s strategic partners to extract impactful data and findings that excite the media, serving as a win-win for both parties. These include hospitals, long-term care facilities, office buildings, proptech companies, and even correctional institutions.

White Papers, Webinars, Analyst Relations & Corporate Comms

  • A successful B2B program is about more than just trade press. GreenRoom has helped build Xandar Kardian’s brand profile by deploying a well-rounded array of communications tactics supported by the agency’s writing and marketing savvy.

Awards & Accolades

Investor & Funding-Specific PR Support

  • As GreenRoom’s program for Xandar Kardian has grown, so has their business. GreenRoom knows how critical it is to leverage the media during a client’s growth stage, and the agency helped support Xandar Kardian’s Series A fundraise with an ironclad and compelling investor relations strategy.

At GreenRoom, we understand that companies with a business-facing customer base are tasked with a unique set of challenges, needs, and opportunities. We possess a unique ability to tailor our PR programs specifically to any B2B client, where we’ll act as an extension of your team to reach key industry stakeholders and sales audiences by delivering measurable, tangible results – all with an eye on your company’s bottom line.

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