A Kids Book About: Garnering Marquee Media Placements to Amplify Important Conversations

Founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, A Kids Book About is a Black-owned children’s media company that specializes in creating content that facilitates fearless conversations between kids and grownups about life’s most challenging, important, and empowering topics.

Within 10 days following George Floyd’s murder, A Kids Book About had a surprising boost. Suddenly, a whopping 50,000 copies ($1M worth) of its previously published flagship book on racism were off to doorsteps across the country. It was clear the title touched a nerve.

Leveraging the brand’s purpose and focusing on the fact that these books are meant to facilitate open and honest conversations amongst kids and their adults about difficult topics was of top priority. The brand also expressed the interest of creating opportunities that would allow for the authors to be highlighted, giving them a chance to express their own expertise, experience and passion for their topic.

From the start of the program, it was clear there was a tremendous opportunity for elevated media coverage for a brand that had the ability to fill a growing need among parent consumers. Upon securing A Kids Book About as a client, the agency quickly executed an opportunity for the brand to be selected in Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2020 which is monumental for a brand which was founded only a year prior. Fully leveraging the Oprah opportunity, the brand was also included in a Good Morning America segment that highlighted the top products from the Oprah’s Favorite Things List. With over 200 published pieces deriving from being featured in O Magazine alone, A Kids Book About’s business was fundamentally changed in 5 days with the previous sales record was eclipsed by more than eightfold.Explore Our Results (Button)

In just six months of working together, A Kids Book About has received over 4,650,780,330 impressions, raising notable brand awareness in key vertical markets throughout 2020 and carrying into 2021. Positioning the brand as a resource and promoting these books as a tool to get the conversation started between kids and their grownups, proved to be successful with coverage in marquee publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, Mashable, Prevention, Parents, and CNN.

Further, the brand being selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things created a large buzz, with over 200 published pieces mentioning the brand’s inclusion in the coveted list, and a Good Morning America segment which reached a national audience of over 3,527,248 households. This opportunity amplified the brand’s purpose and yielded a tremendous number of sales resulting in a 1000% increase from the year prior to round out Q4.

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