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“I trust you guys, so whatever you think is best should be the best route forward.”

Jinny Lam

“What do you have for me? You guys always have good stuff and actually send it when you say you’re going to!”

Steve Noviello, FOX Dallas

“Our digital platform has exponentially improved thanks to the GreenRoom team! From photography & videography to community management, we wouldn’t be happier”

April Broadwater, Marketing Manager

“I’ve been working with you guys forever and have nothing but good things to say.”

Dr. Frank Viggiano, CBS Pittsburgh

“The GreenRoom team is truly ready for anything that we throw at them. New product releases, working with major talent and sports teams that require a level intricacy that is difficult to master, this team reacts quickly and always delivers on results!

Joe Hallaux, VP Marketing, Blast Motion

“So I was recently approach by a gent working with the brand below and, after some back and forth and consideration, I recommended he consider a good PR company. He responded to that idea, and so of course you came quickly to mind.”

– Steven John, journalist for Business Insider, NY Mag and more

“GreenRoom has been my saving grace”

Stacy, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.