GreenRoom Awarded Prestigious 2017 In2 SABRE Award


    Transforming brands into category leaders


Our success is found at the intersection of strategy and relentless execution. We create fully integrated public relations and digital marketing programs designed to transform brands into category leaders.

Client goals are unique, requiring adaptable services implemented in a way that stewards a brand towards success. Our team drives masterfully-executed strategies that achieve bottom-line results:


Audit & Understand

  • Buyer personas
  • Experience mapping & customer journey development
  • Primary & secondary research


Brand Strategy

  • Brand identity
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand positioning

Communications Strategy

  • Internal communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Consumer communications

Digital Strategy

  • SEO & SEM
  • Website design & development
  • UX & UI


Public Relations

  • Media relations
  • Thought leadership

Social Media

  • Community growth and development
  • Social advertising
  • Influencer programs

Content Development

  • Original photography
  • Custom graphics
  • Video production & editing

Digital Marketing

  • SEO & SEM
  • Email
  • Blogging


Data & Conversion Optimization

  • Benchmarking & KPI setting
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics insights & reporting

Unique perspective, varied expertise and a shared passion for excellence is what makes our team unlike any other. Our leadership team has the distinct pleasure of working with the greatest minds in the business.

  • Austin
    A recovering northerner who traded his scarf for sunglasses. Addicted to podcasts, peppermint tea and lounging poolside.
  • Alex
    Gentleman of Leisure. Sports Enthusiast. Tailgate Aficionado.
  • Jonathan
    Not a doctor. Although I did get a B- in a remedial health class. 
  • Dani
    Chambray shirt aficionado and frequent vegetable eater, can generally be found listening to music at the beach or on the festival grounds.
  • Brian
    Angler. Culinary adventurer. Perpetual traveler.
  • Kyle
    Works for French fries. My morning routine includes putting on a cape; I occasionally forget to take it off.
  • Cesar
    Street Photographer, Authentic Chinese Food Aficionado
  • Ben
    Rugby Enthusiast, Comic Book Geek
  • Uros
    Almost professional tennis player. Serbian. Minimalist. Watch connoisseur.
  • Sara
    I'd rather be hanging out with my dog.
  • Caitlin
    Kayaks in Pearls. Listens to Country. Wakes Up for Sunrise.
  • Patrick
    Greek eater, future author, karaoke enthusiast and runner. Still on the fence on whether gluten is good or bad.
  • Rebecca
    Pinterest addict. Interior design enthusiast. Self-proclaimed brunch critic.
  • Social Media

    A Balancing Act

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  • Media Training

    How Good Brands Become Media Darlings

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  • Content & SEO

    The PB&J of Digital Marketing

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Our reputation is rooted in results. These case studies demonstrate our approach to challenges and, above all, the impact we make for our brands.

We’re privileged to have worked with the most innovative brands on the planet. Although when connecting brands with people is in your DNA, it hardly seems like work.


Address: 141 NE 3rd Avenue, 10th Floor. Miami, FL 33132
Media Inquiries:  pr@GRNRM.com
General Info: info@GRNRM.com
Phone: (305) 347-1787