“Angler. Culinary adventurer. Perpetual traveler.”

  • DORA
    “Sushi snob. Lover of naps. Dingo whisperer.”

    “Greek eater, future author, karaoke enthusiast and runner. Still on the fence on whether gluten is good or bad.”

    “I live for food, fútbol, food, beach days, and did I mention food?”

    “Amateur stylist, perpetual student, writer and semi-reluctant distance runner. 90% of my closet is black.”

    “Either playing with my dog or reading a book at the beach. There is no in between.”

  • BEN
    “Rugby Enthusiast. Comic Book Geek.”

  • JOHN
    “Musical Theatre Nerd. Travel enthusiast. Wake. Recovering Ice Cream Addict.”

  • Ruben
    “Basketball junkie, self-proclaimed hip-hop expert and purveyor of the finest dad jokes.”

  • Jackie
    “Pop culture and comedy nerd. Instagram Story addict. Will work for pasta and wine.”

    “Music connoisseur. Good Vibes. Koala lover”

    “When not quoting TV shows or movies, shes probably jamming out to show tunes or going to a concert.”

  • DARY
    “I’m passionate for God, photography and design”


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