Wall Street Journal profile: How Covid-19 Is Changing the Language in Emails

The balancing act of being sensitive to the current situation while not being tone deaf is one we are all trying to steady. Now more than ever, being able to ‘read the room’ is crucial when communicating to colleagues, the media and clients. While some recipients do not want emails tailored around COVID, others require […]

Extreme Virtual Makeover: Zoom Video Conference Edition

With so many companies going having to go virtual basically overnight, we all witnessed Zoom’s popularity skyrocket along with the scrutiny that newfound ubiquity brought.The video conferencing platform added the virtual video background feature they announced back in late January. The feature allows users to play looping videos behind them while on a call, which make for dynamic displays or in some cases, top-tier trolling…

2020 Instagram Algorithm for Dummies

When Instagram moved away from a chronological feed format, it raised a lot of questions. Why isn’t my content being shown to more of my followers? Why did my engagement rate drop so suddenly, yet my follower base is steadily increasing? Are hashtags still effective? Does the algorithm honor videos over photos?   Luckily, Instagram […]