Facebook's ever-changing algorithm means content creaters need to stay on their toes.

Inside the Algorithm: What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Your Content

Facebook’s latest update Since its launch in September 2006, the Facebook News Feed has been in a state of flux. From the introduction of Like buttons to the prioritization of popular posts to the crackdown on clickbait and fake news, Zuckerberg and company have continually updated the News Feed to optimize the user experience. Since […]

Soundcast, Sound of Sleep, Oreos, and Coca-Cola use color to establish a visual brand.

Incorporating a Color Palette into Your Brand Marketing

Picture a box of Oreos. The container’s shade of royal blue is likely one of the first things you were able to conjure. This is, of course, because the package itself is blue. However, that image has been reinforced by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that consistently incorporate a perfect stack of white and black cookies […]

CES 2018 Trade Show Collage

CES 2018 and Beyond

Each January brings the first of many industry trade shows in the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Brands across a wide spectrum of vertical markets participate, and many clients say that the show (and its allied events such as Pepcom) can be incredibly impactful to attract media attention, drive brand awareness, and develop […]