Interning During a Pandemic

Interning under normal circumstances has its own set of challenges. Interning during a pandemic is a crash course for adaptation. This summer at GreenRoom, we thought it was paramount to provide opportunities for young marketing professionals and  the hope of a bright future during uncertain times. Below, our summer 2020 interns give us a personal look […]

COVID-19 Learning: DIY PR Pitfalls

In the famous quote attributed to Bill Gates, he is purported to have once stated, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.” So many in the PR industry hang on those words as gospel to validate the industry given the business acumen Gates possesses. The GreenRoom team tends to […]

COVID-19 Learning: Success in Shifting Focus to Online Retail

GreenRoom’s media strategies helped propel Cariloha towards record high digital, far exceeding their expectations. The brand noted that the month of May 2020 saw an impressive 70% ecommerce growth over the month of May 2019, with a 21% increase in website traffic from March through May 2020, and a growth of over 540,000 unique users exploring the brand’s offerings on in that two-month period.