7 Reasons Social Media Is A No-Brainer For Passionate B2C Brands

  Social media is fast becoming a standard element in the marketing mix of major consumer brands.  And with good reason: never before has such a creative landscape existed for people and the brands they love to interact, share stories and build relationships – in all directions. With social media marketing spends predicted to grow […]

The responsible Use of Social Media in Legal Defense

    Here is a great post made by George Zimmerman that I thought would be useful. There has been a lot of press today regarding the online presence we have put in place for the defense of George Zimmerman, and we are not surprised to discover that our decision is controversial. Some have called […]

Why is social media still a tough sell?

Big companies have moved cautiously for eons. While many are corporations are making forays into social media, very, very few are taking huge risks. Instead of jumping in, they’re still standing on the edge of the pool, diipping a toe in the water. As a result, getting companies to add social media into the marketing […]

Why You Can’t MAKE Marketing Go Viral!

This post first ran in What’s Next Blog in 2010, but an email received this morning about a newly launched “viral” made us want to run it again, lightly updated. If I hear one more client ask for “a viral” or one more agency promise one, I’ll scream. I got three email pitches yesterday about […]

Playing Catch-up with Pepsi, Coca-Cola Unveils Social Media Strategy Thru 2020

  Coca-Cola’s VP, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, Jonathan Mildenhall, explains the company’s content plan until the year 2020 in this fascinating video. Another of the world’s biggest companies is moving beyond the myth of message control, into the realm of consumer reality. Hurrah! “Through the stories we tell,” Mildenhall says, “we will provoke […]

Why CEO’s Shouldn’t Fear Social Media

  I’m late on this one, but find it still worth noting. Jerry Bowles, in “Why CEOs Are Afraid of Social Media”, a post at Enterprise Web 2.0, noted: “They have already seen ordinary angry citizens armed only with blogs bring down Trent Lott, Dan Rather, and Joe Lieberman. They have seen powerful newspapers and magazines and […]

Social Media Guru Of The Future

  Created for Social Media Week 2012, this video, set in 2062, captures interviews with a group of “pioneer” social media “gurus” reminiscing about the good old days of social media and digital culture. It was created by Entrinsic Bonus Links: These are some of the folks who’ll populate the social media old age home in 20 […]

Why Pay Attention to Social Media? Because companies Have No Choice

  With YouTube doubling its traffic monthly, and facebook now more popular than Google and Yahoo, big companies and their agencies are struggling to understand the implications of social media. I’m sure more than one CMO is wondering, “are the inmates really taking over the asylum?” In a thoughtful article, Robert Young explains why media […]