The Media Landscape Has Evolved – Have You Kept Up?

Twitter. To some, it means keeping track of news, sports, celebrities, and tracking your favorite food truck. To others, it’s just another platform that wastes time. There are also those who aren’t sure what it is and if it’s important. No matter your personal feelings about the microblogging service, it has inserted itself into many […]

After CES: Now what?

The biggest consumer trade show is over (with dates already announced for 2015) and by all accounts it was a tremendous success. New products were lauded over by media and buyers alike, resulting in a slew of blog posts on highly trafficked sites and pre-orders with key retailers. Everyone at the office can pat themselves […]

To CES, or not to CES?

The holiday season is generally filled with parties, presents, and if you’re even remotely connected to the technology industry, planning. International CES is one of the most important technology shows of the year, with attendees from more than 150 countries descending on Las Vegas to get a glimpse of the latest technology from some of […]

Tapping into the Home & Housewares market

Americans spend nearly 5% of their income on furniture and household items each year[1]. With the median household income in the United States at $50,502[2] it would not be uncommon for a home to spend over $2,500 per year on household goods. Competing for the household dollar is challenging and competition between manufacturers is fierce. […]

When social media goes awry, a traditional approach might help.

Everyone was horrified by the senseless act of violence and terror that shook Boston during this year’s annual marathon. The following day, people throughout America and beyond stood as one mourning the loss of three innocent people, and encouraged first responders and the security forces as they pledged to find the perpetrators and bring them […]

LATAM Social Media

Social, south of the border? Si, and despite what you might think, social networking is huge in Latin America (LATAM). Often the perception is that LATAM lags behind North America with respect to technology, but actually Latin Americans top world rankings in social media usage. On average, people in LATAM spend just under 8 hours […]

Banks & Social Media

For banks, social media can be a phenomenal tool to build advocacy with the community it serves. Though leadership coupled with examples of community involvement demonstrate a bank’s commitment to helping its customers. New laws proposed by U.S. bank regulators shouldn’t deter banks from utilizing social media, but only ensure that all banks are using […]

Legitimacy of Facebook’s “Graph Search”

A recent ReadWrite post questions the legitimacy of Facebook’s “Graph Search” feature, likening it to previously launched features which didn’t fare as well. Makes me think of a well-known Albert Einstein quote “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Hire The Best For Your Dealership!

Dealers have embraced social media to sell more cars and generate more business in the service drive but most lag in using social media to hire the best employees. The very same things that drive customers to your site and “close” the deal can be used to bring in higher quality applicants for your open […]

4 Social Media Legal Issues Dealers Can’t Afford to Ignore

This is an article originally writen by Jim Radogna. We thought it was an interesting read! It was bound to happen. The tremendous growth of digital marketing and social media was an invitation for government regulation. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission recently updated its truth-in-advertising guidelines, which were last revised in 1980, to address the […]