LATAM Social Media

Social, south of the border? Si, and despite what you might think, social networking is huge in Latin America (LATAM). Often the perception is that LATAM lags behind North America with respect to technology, but actually Latin Americans top world rankings in social media usage. On average, people in LATAM spend just under 8 hours […]

Banks & Social Media

For banks, social media can be a phenomenal tool to build advocacy with the community it serves. Though leadership coupled with examples of community involvement demonstrate a bank’s commitment to helping its customers. New laws proposed by U.S. bank regulators shouldn’t deter banks from utilizing social media, but only ensure that all banks are using […]

Legitimacy of Facebook’s “Graph Search”

A recent ReadWrite post questions the legitimacy of Facebook’s “Graph Search” feature, likening it to previously launched features which didn’t fare as well. Makes me think of a well-known Albert Einstein quote “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Hire The Best For Your Dealership!

Dealers have embraced social media to sell more cars and generate more business in the service drive but most lag in using social media to hire the best employees. The very same things that drive customers to your site and “close” the deal can be used to bring in higher quality applicants for your open […]

4 Social Media Legal Issues Dealers Can’t Afford to Ignore

This is an article originally writen by Jim Radogna. We thought it was an interesting read! It was bound to happen. The tremendous growth of digital marketing and social media was an invitation for government regulation. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission recently updated its truth-in-advertising guidelines, which were last revised in 1980, to address the […]

Reputation Management Is Not Rocket Science

There are a number of good reasons for operating an ethical and legally compliant dealership, not the least of which is staying out of a courtroom.  Perhaps the most important – and most often overlooked – reason is increased customer satisfaction.  There are times when an employee may feel that he or she came out […]

Virality: The Value of Pinterest for Car Dealers

  As Pinterest continues to rise in exposure and prominence in social media, many dealers have been asking me how to make it work for them. There are certain techniques that we, fortunately or unfortunately, save for clients, but here’s one that you can use today to help improve the virality and SEO of your […]

Use Social Media to Help Lose Weight Faster!

Do you love to update, check-in and tweet? Well, why not use these communication tools to document your weight-loss goals. Feeling connected to a support system can be a great way to keep you motivated and share results. Lost another 5 pounds? Great! Post it so that everyone can comment with positive feedback and help […]

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Day Spa

Promoting your day spa online now involves more than just setting up a website and updating your blog regularly. Social networking tools including Twitter and Facebook can help you achieve a stronger online presence and communicate directly with spa guests and prospective clients. You can generate immediate interest in spa specials, build a community of […]

Patients turn to social media for information on plastic surgery

A new study reveals that more and more people are going online for advice and information before deciding whether or not to go under the knife. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reports that, in 2011, 42 percent of patients received most of their information about plastic surgery from social media. […]