Now & Then: A Millennial’s Look Back at Tech



Some of my most vivid memories from childhood are from lengthy trips to the public library. When I was a kid, writing a paper on Sir Francis Drake or endangered rhino required spending a full roll of quarters and a couple hours at the local library photocopying pages from Encyclopedia Britannica.


Nowadays though, information is readily available at our fingertips, making trips to the library practically obsolete. Between Google, Wikipedia, seemingly endless social media platforms and the prominence of mobile technology, we’re able to seek out more information than ever before without even leaving our homes.


The evolution of technology over the past 25 years is, to put it simply, pretty mind blowing, and like most things, it’s not until we look back at where we started that we realize how far we’ve come. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite reminders that show us just how far technology has come.


The Floppy Disk

 floppy discs

Nowadays Floppy Disc’s are solely reserved for the “Save” icon on Microsoft Word, but Floppy Disk’s were once the cornerstone of 90’s kid tech evolution. These things used to only hold 1.44 MB’s, now we have USB drives capable of holding up to 1GB.


The Original iMac


Remember when computers came in an assortment of colors? Enter the iMac G3, which was primarily responsible for Apple’s turnaround in the late 90’s. Kids today would gasp in shock at the pure size of Apple’s then innovative design, so let’s all give thanks for how far we’ve come.


The Sony Discman


There was nothing truly portable about the Sony Discman and skipping tracks was always an issue.




Friday night trips to Blockbuster were one of my family’s celebrated traditions. Now, we can easily stream movies and catch-up on any TV shows we may have missed through streaming services such as Netflix and OnDemand. Be kind, but there’s no need to rewind.