Planning for a Product Announcement


A brand can make a media announcement as often as every couple of weeks or as seldom as every few years, but each one is just as significant as the other. Although a client announcement or launch takes place over the course of a day, the work of an agency begins weeks in advance. Being prepared and planning methodically will be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful effort, and these tips and insights can help you get started:

  1. Communication With The Client: You’ve spent countless hours of drafting, revising and finally receiving an approval on your press release, but do you and your client have a mutual understanding of who’s at the receiving end of the news? Bypass a potentially stressful situation for the agency by working with your client’s marketing team to identify their top targets. Make these publications a priority while continuing to saturate the entire media market to maximize coverage
  2. Building New Media Relations: Clicking send on an email distribution can be easy, but the anonymity of this process negates the role of a public relations representative and does not ensure the best results for a launch. This is especially true for a media market you may be unaccustomed to working with. Take the time to introduce yourself to new contacts in advance of the launch and then they will be familiar with you and the company you represent.
  3. Pre-Launch Outreach: Embargoed news can really help with the success of a launch. Notifying your personal contacts ahead of time will give them time to ask questions and fully prepare the news for the day of the launch. This will help generate a slew of great press, providing your client with the coverage their announcement deserves.

The ultimate goal of an announcement or launch will depend on the nature of news you are conveying to the media. Whether it is a new product launch or an announcement of your client’s goal on a crowdfunding platform, maximizing every possible press opportunity will help your client succeed.