On the Importance of Year-End Goals In PR

Are your year-end PR goals well-informed to set your campaigns up for success as Q4 begins? GreenRoom VP, Patrick Gevas, recommends that “understanding the entire landscape of your [media] coverage is important in setting goals for the the remainder of the year.” There’s more in Press Hook: How Publicists Can Set Beneficial End-Of-Year Goals. Need […]

Award-Winning PR and Digital Agency GreenRoom Expands Its Food & Beverage Practice With Fillo’s America’s Made, Gratsi Wine, and Shinewater

Ranging from prepared beans to Old-World style winemaking, the diverse entrants represent a leap forward for the agency’s practice.   Miami – July 27, 2021 – GreenRoom, an award-winning public relations and digital agency, recently expanded its Food & Beverage practice with three innovative brands in its portfolio. Each one is serving a distinct place […]

A Kids Book About: Garnering Marquee Media Placements to Amplify Important Conversations

Founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, A Kids Book About is a Black-owned children’s media company that specializes in creating content that facilitates fearless conversations between kids and grownups about life’s most challenging, important, and empowering topics. Within 10 days following George Floyd’s murder, A Kids Book About had a surprising boost. Suddenly, a whopping […]

[Hero Image] Making MEATER the Official Wireless Meat Thermometer of the Winter Holiday Season

Making MEATER the Official Wireless Meat Thermometer of the Winter Holiday Season

KickStarter darling, Apption Labs, came to GreenRoom with their wildly popular truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer, MEATER, hoping to convert the crowdfunding momentum into sales-earning media coverage and brand awareness. GreenRoom’s MEATER campaign kicked-off in time for the highly coveted Holiday Gift Guide season, so the agency set forth to make MEATER the official wireless […]

[Hero Image] Going Bananas With Del Monte to Increase Social Media Engagement

Going Bananas With Del Monte to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social followers might just be more interested in checking out a brand, if they get the chance to win a banana suit! To help bolster client Del Monte Fresh’s social engagement, the agency partnered with the brand to develop the “Go Bananas” campaign. Designed to spark social engagement and on the ground in select cities, […]

GreenRoom Wins 2021 In2 SABRE Award with Ogden’s Own for Best in Digital/Print Media — Regional (Earned)

A Kids Book About, a GreenRoom Client, About Takes Home Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Designation

Part of any strong PR and digital program is identifying relevant awards to not only validate a product or service but also advance a brand strategically whether from a funding or CSR perspective or continually raising the brand’s profile in the eyes of the media. With many pay-to-play programs masquerading as awards, it is critical […]

Becoming Pandemic-Relevant: Helping Audio Brand Edifier Take Center Stage For WFH

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, client Edifier and GreenRoom realized how important affordable earbuds, headphones, and desktop speakers would become in this new work from home era.  To make Edifier a much buzzed about WFH household name, the agency introduced the brand as providers for solutions to common work at home/school at home […]

Making Air Quality Monitoring Mainstream Across the Airwaves for Airthings

Before COVID had you ever considered monitoring Indoor Air Quality? Airthings has been at it since 2008 and their devices have completely changed the way people monitor and analyze cancer-causing radon and other dangerous indoor air pollutants. While they had carved out a name as a respected niche brand from a small country in a specialized […]

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Peripherals and PR: Helping Roccat Climb the Gaming Accessory Leaderboard

When gamers seek computer peripherals for a competitive edge, what brands immediately come to mind? GreenRoom ensured ROCCAT would be one of them. The company designs and manufacturers gaming peripherals by combining German engineering and a genuine passion for gaming. At this point it had developed its first-ever keyboard switch that delivers industry-leading speeds to […]