An Unlikely Match: PR Parallels from the Ashley Madison Hack


Ahley Madison

Throughout the week, we’ve watched the result of the Ashley Madison hack unravel, publicly shaming well-known celebrities, government officials, and affecting the relationships of numerous couples. The hack further drives home the point that any information published on the web is there to stay. A company’s reputation largely depends on the articles published about their products or company, as well as the discussions in the world of social media. One unfavorable review or company profile on the front page of a Google search could be detrimental to their business. Here are a few tips to search your name with confidence and excitement:


1. Continuous Check-Ins: Regularly check in with the media and offer them support whenever possible. Becoming a go-to source will give a company a better idea as to the outcome of their article and will provide them with a wealth of feedback to improve their product or service.




2. Customer Service Involvement: Giving the media a chance to speak to a company’s customer service representative can improve a review and uncover added features they may have not come across on their own. It will also reassure them if their readers encounter a problem, a helpful customer support team is only a phone call away.




3. Fact Checking: It is important to double check the spelling of a CEO’s name or that the web link directs readers to a company’s site. Being proactive in this area always pays off many times over.