Five Must-Haves for Building Your In-House Studio

We’ve upgraded our creative capabilities with the construction of an in-house photography studio. This dedicated space allows us to not only snap custom product photography in a pinch, but also create the top-notch videos that have become critical for social media success. To get a better sense of what goes into a studio build, here’s a breakdown of the five studio must-haves.

  1. Room to Move 


$ | To get the absolute best shots, photographers need to move and bend around their subject. The more angles and perspectives a photographer can capture, the more material you have to produce the perfect image. Keep a clear path around the set for your photographer to travel without worrying about tripping over cords, backdrop edges or stray props.

  1. Seamless Backdrop


$ | Seamless backdrops are essential for taking polished, versatile product photos. A bright white sweep reflects any light in the room, giving your subject a glowy appearance. There are many options, including muslin canvas and paper rolls, to suit your budget. Be sure to protect your investment with a sturdy storage solution–we use a rack and frame.

  1. Lighting


$$$ | A multi-light setup can make or break your photos. Investing in at least three continuous lights, as well as light management instruments like reflectors and diffusing softboxes, gives you control of the direction and intensity of your artificial lighting. Don’t forget about your natural light–suppress pesky bounce with blackout curtains/blinds or black matte paint.

  1. Tripod


$ | Although photographers often opt to keep their cameras handheld, a strong, reliable tripod will transform your capacity to produce high-quality video content. Look for screw-in release systems on angle and height adjustments, as they maintain their rigidity better than their clip-based counterparts. As a general rule, your “normal” tripod should stand about six feet tall at its tallest setting.

  1. Monitor


$$ | Last but not least, a high-speed tether connected to a high-resolution monitor enables your photographer to review the photos taken in-studio instantly. Dedicating a machine to photo and Dropbox management streamlines the organizational process, so photographers can retrieve the files they need in real-time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building an in-house studio for your agency. What are the must-haves pieces in your photography kit? Leave your gear recommendations in the comments below!