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Four Lessons PR Pros Should Learn From Social Media

Within the last decade, the public relations and communications industries have undergone many changes. We can point to several technological advancements that have brought us to where we are today, but none are more powerful than the rise of social media. The active and instant nature of social media has changed marketing, and PR pros should take notice. Here are four lessons from social media you can integrate into your PR strategy:

Don’t be afraid to get personal.  

No two social media users are the same, which is why personalization is key. Technology market researcher Gartner found by 2018, companies that have “fully invested in all types of personalization” will outsell companies that have not by 20 percent. Using data to deliver relevant content to audiences is the name of the game in social media right now.

This same idea can easily translate to PR practices. Personalize your pitch to better suit the audience. Not only will it show the outlet that you aren’t sending the same generic message to everyone, but it will also help build more meaningful media relationships too.

‘Tis the season for fresh content.

Social media content revolves around the seasons – and this goes far beyond the holiday season. Every odd holiday is both celebrated and embraced on social media. While this may not be as popular in PR, incorporating a seasonal aspect to your outreach will ensure your content is fresh and timely.

Don’t think this applies to your client?  Try researching holiday’s or awareness months that relate to broaden your audience with more concentrated outlets.

Show, don’t tell.

Social media is all about the visuals. By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85 percent of all search traffic in the U.S. Between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat alone, video content is taking over the marketing world. This is all the more reason to implement video content to your 2017 PR strategy. As our media consumption habits continue to evolve, eye-catching visuals are more likely to capture the attention of both media outlets and consumers. Videos can take on a variety of different forms like the following:

  • Product-focused: Show employees or influencers using your product
  • Instructional: Have a new concept or product launching? Use a video to introduce and inform consumers and media how it works
  • Q&A: Make the most of a live event by doing a Q&A video at the activation

Do your (social media) research.

You can find just about anything on social media in 2017. This goes for media, too. Find the media outlets you’re targeting on social media and interact with their employees on social. The social space is the hub of millions of conversations, and while this may seem like stalking at first, it’s what social media is for! You never know what you may learn about someone just by following them on Twitter. Take advantage of your social media learnings to craft a custom pitch that’s more likely resonate with this person.

How have you integrated any of these social media practices into your PR strategy? Comment to share your insights!