GreenRoom’s Support of Miami Beach Pride 2022

So much of our passion for the industry is centered on connecting the dots between compelling stories and the right people in traditional media or social media. Whether it’s a product, a technology standard or even a cause, we’ve long believed that we must have a connection in some form to what we’re doing. As such, supporting Miami Beach Pride was not only an easy choice but one that we’re immensely proud of. 

With GreenRoom’s Vice President serving on the Board of Directors and running media relations, the agency made its full toolkit of resources available to the organization to help further the narratives at a time when the community is facing harmful legislation. 

GreenRoom has always been a safe and inclusive organization for all LGBT members. Both our staff and clients are encouraged to be their most authentic selves and remain vocal about their support for the vibrant community that we’re fortunate to support here in Florida and around the globe. 

The diversity of Miami Beach Pride’s programming was uniquely insightful and showed the rich tapestry that has been woven by talented and compassionate individuals. Most notably were an art exhibition honoring the Legacy Couples at the Art Deco Museum, giving queer artists a platform to showcase their work to festival patrons and the iconic Pride parade that have been a staple on Ocean Drive for the past 14 years. 

As a result of GreenRoom’s efforts to garner more attention to Miami Beach Pride’s  roster of events and causes, the agency was able to generate the following:  

  • Over a period of 30 days, Miami Beach Pride was mentioned in 127 broadcast segments that reached more than 2.7 million households with a comparative ad value of more than $800,000. 90% of those results were earned with tailored pitches reaching the news and feature desks every major affiliate in Miami-Dade County for a full media saturation leading up to the festival and parade. 
  • More than 330 online mentions internationally with a variety of stories and inclusions on our programming and Miami Beach Pride’s official stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. 
  • On the social side, Miami Beach Pride had a largely organic strategy and was able to reach more than 62,000 accounts organically through our posts with the hashtag being used more than 12,800 times during the week reaching a potential audience of millions.
  • Further amplification came from notable celebrity talent who were gracious enough to harness their considerable social media following through photos and videos that lived in stories and on their feeds. With a collective following of more than 732,000 followers, the organic reach extended quite far thanks to June Diane Raphael (Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie”), Casey Wilson (Gone Girl, Happy Endings, Showtime’s Black Monday, Bitch Sesh Podcast), Danielle Schneider (Bitch Sesh Podcast, Showtime’s Black Monday), Matt McConkey (Homophilia Podcast, writer on NBC’s Kenan,) Kulap Vilaysack (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Add to Cart Podcast).


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