“Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” – When it Comes to Experiencing a Product


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell had it right, there truly is nothing like the real thing and that certainly became apparent while at CE Week 2014 in New York. Being able to demo a product for media, buyers and investors, rather than verbally or digitally conveying a product’s unique selling points, is worth its weight in gold.

There’s a reason why “showrooming” exists – there is no substitute for touching, feeling and generally experiencing a product for oneself. It’s as if a connection takes place between the device and the journalist, one that couldn’t be made if they weren’t able to experience it firsthand. Experiential marketing is typically thought of as a means to reach end users, but through trade shows, media events and desk side briefings, PR professionals engage the media with a form of experiential marketing that provides brands with impactful media engagement that can’t be quantified.

Guiding journalists through their hands-on experience is paramount to the demo as well. A savvy product manager or PR executive will quickly ascertain the media’s knowledge base of the product category and industry, and then tailor their demo experience accordingly.  Highlighting the benefits that key features provide, along with how specific user groups can utilize them is a great way to have a product resonate with the media.

In-person demos require time, planning and budget, but in the end they are amongst the best ways to truly capture the interest of media and transform them into fans of your brand.