Founded in 1984, Sawyer has been at the forefront of innovation in outdoor solutions, leading the industry in recreational gear and advanced technology. Based in Safety Harbor, Florida, Sawyer leverages the power of science, paired with rigorous testing to develop effective and easy-to-use solutions in water treatment, insect repellent, sunscreen and first aid. Through its philanthropic branch, Sawyer International, the brand is dedicated to eliminating two of the biggest causes of death in the world: contaminated water and mosquito-borne illness. Sawyer has provided people with access to clean drinking water in more than 80 developing countries across the globe, including remote areas in Liberia and Fiji. 

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While Sawyer has successfully solidified itself as a leading producer of repellents and water filters in the outdoor space, the brand has sought to increase its exposure in more traditional consumer media with the aim to bring awareness to the importance of its Permethirn-based products when combating insect-borne illnesses such as Zika and Lyme Disease. In addition to its repellents, Sawyer tasked GreenRoom with elevating awareness for the personal water filtration systems with its new Micro Squeeze Filter at the forefront. Coinciding with the brand’s commitment to developing high-performing products with industry leading technology, Sawyer water filters are not only keeping people protected while they travel, they are also helping to bring clean water all over the world, reducing waterborne illness by over 90 percent in developing countries where they serve.


GreenRoom moved swiftly to create a comprehensive media relations strategy that began with Outdoor Retailer (OR), one of the largest outdoor tradeshows in the country. Leveraging the brand’s upcoming launch of the Micro Squeeze filter, the agency lead efforts with a robust schedule of meetings with marquee outdoor and nationally acclaimed publications, while generating advanced buzz for the soon-to-be released filter. The agency also nominated the brand and its products for tradeshow awards, including the esteemed “Editor’s Choice” award from Outdoor Retailer’s The Daily publication. 

Following OR, GreenRoom focused on a combination of product reviews and timely feature articles regarding the brand’s philanthropic work through Sawyer International. To achieve this, the agency aggressively saturated a wide range of vertical markets ranging from outdoor publications to women’s and business-interest publications. Additionally, the agency leveraged relevant trending news and devised creative pitching angles to saturate vertical markets that generally don’t cover outdoor products. 


GreenRoom first focused its PR efforts on leveraging the brand’s presence and new product launch at Outdoor Retailer, booking meetings with marquee outdoor and travel publications. As a result, GreenRoom successfully generated advanced interest in the new filter, along with strategic review opportunities. Simultaneously, the agency concentrated on seeding review opportunities for the existing product line by saturating a wide variety of vertical markets, taking advantage of timely summer pitching angles, like camping, hunting season, trail hiking and more. 

With the launch of the Micro Squeeze filter, GreenRoom meticulously secured reviews with influential publications in the outdoor, travel and both men’s and women’s interest verticals. This pipeline of robust media coverage carried on into the holiday months, in which the agency secured numerous gift guide inclusions positioning the filter as the most efficient and compact water filter for the outdoor adventurer or traveler. 

Ahead of spring, GreenRoom formulated a robust strategy to highlight the ongoing problem with Lyme disease while highlighting the efficacy of the brand’s permethrin and picaridin-based products in the fight against ticks. Through a combination of geo-targeting media outlets in regions most affected by Lyme disease, national media outreach centered on tick and Lyme disease education and the utilization of in-house designed infographics, the agency delivered a groundswell of media coverage during a critical season for the brand.


During Outdoor Retailer, GreenRoom secured meetings with key journalists and marquee publications, including Backpacker (1,591,659 UMV), Outside Magazine (2,829,662 UMV), and the Travel Channel (3,574,754 UMV).  The Micro Squeeze filter was awarded “Editor’s Choice” by Outdoor Retailer’s The Daily publication, an accolade that garnered the brand attention from the outdoor industry and consumer alike. 

GreenRoom’s strategic outreach efforts and carefully crafted messaging of the Micro Squeeze filter and repellents resulted in inclusions in influential outdoor outlets, including Outside, Backpacker, Clever Hiker, The Trek, Section Hiker, Gear Patrol and more. Additionally, the agency delivered coverage in marquee consumer publications such as Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Elite Daily, Bustle, Wirecutter, National Geographic and highly respected outlets like Prevention Magazine which named Sawyer’s permethrin as the leading DEET-free repellent. The agency’s strategic approach to outreach also resulted in inclusions in several “Best Of” roundups in highly respected and trafficked publications. 

Notable Successful Metrics Include:

  • 608,832,510 million impressions generated over the course of 10 months
  • 170,112,031 million impressions generated during the holiday season 
  • $528,845 in print and broadcast ad value via earned media efforts over the course of 10 months


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