With origins dating back to the early 20th century, American Licorice® Company has been family-owned and operated since 1914, holding its place as one of the original licorice manufacturers in the United States and one of the oldest candy companies in the industry. Now, more than 100 years later, the company uses the same small batch process to make candy with a classic taste and a unique texture. Fast forward to the late 1950s when an instant Hollywood classic was born with Red Vines®. As a West Coast favorite with a cult-like following, Red Vines® candy is a staple at movie theaters, on road trips, backyard barbeques and Hollywood award shows. Expanding its horizons and serving as a testament to the brand’s longevity and pioneering spirit in confections, American Licorice Company was among the first to enter the U.S. sour candy market in 1990 with its widely coveted Sour Punch® straws. 

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American Licorice Company® holds a strong legacy that remains rooted in its foundation as a decidedly American operation. With a rich history in confections, the Red Vines® and Sour Punch® brands have developed a cultural stronghold with their loyal following. As an established brand known for its signature flavors and classic candies, the team was tasked with leading the charge in raising brand awareness for new products and flavors, seasonal items and placing the brand at the forefront of industry trends. In addition, as one of the oldest candy companies in the industry, GreenRoom was tasked with the goal of further enhancing Red Vines market share in its product category outside of the Midwest and West Coast regions where it exists as a cultural icon. 

With resources and focus placed on new product development in the confectionary space and expanding on the company ethos and brand purpose, American Licorice Company® sought an integrated public relations strategy that would elevate the brand to new heights. This included a multifaceted approach to strategic marketing and communications efforts through both mainstream and non-traditional vertical markets, industry event support and a strong retail/trade footprint.


Understanding the competitive, often crowded candy and snack industry, GreenRoom embarked on a comprehensive communications strategy built on the existing foundational elements of the brand to carve out its place as a leader in new innovations and industry trends. 

Employing both traditional media tactics and social media/influencer relations, GreenRoom sought to further solidify the brand’s legacy and next-generation products in the consumer market, driven by results and measured success. This approach included unique activations surrounding key brand holidays, new product announcements at the much-anticipated Sweets and Snacks Expo. Further, GreenRoom placed an emphasis on raising awareness surrounding seasonal and limited-edition items throughout the calendar year, including Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. 

GreenRoom’s efforts centered on high-profile, vast media exposure in web, print and influencer media. By leading with the brand’s unique attributes and rich legacy, the agency was able to generate significant media exposure with a campaign-based approach and new product launch strategy. In addition, the agency was able to successfully place American Licorice Company® at the forefront of trends in confections, paving the path for future innovations and extensions to the existing product line based on popularity in the retail space and brand awareness.


With program launch coinciding with timely holiday initiatives, including National Licorice Day and the brand’s much-anticipated annual events, the agency secured numerous marquee media placements in prominent women’s interest and lifestyle verticals for maximum exposure to the brand’s core audience. In addition, GreenRoom has now embarked on its second consecutive year of event activation support surrounding the annual SASE event, including securing key meetings with industry press, resulting in valuable new product exposure in crucial retail buying season. 

In order to achieve the desired outcome of elevated awareness and continued brand relevance in the space, GreenRoom employed a number of creative campaigns to successfully execute on program goals. An example of this strategy included curating a novelty sized 50-foot long Red Vines Super Rope candy in celebration of National Licorice Day. At the direction of the agency, the production team distributed the custom product to key media that GreenRoom secured, resulting in tremendous exposure for the brand. In addition to custom activations and new product concepts, GreenRoom also put an emphasis on trending pieces in the space. On the heels of the new product announcements surrounding SASE, GreenRoom developed a narrative with key messaging that positioned Sour Punch at the forefront of the spicy candy trend. Not only did this feature include valuable product exposure, it also showcased the brand’s innovation and creative process, spotlighting executive leadership at American Licorice Company.

With strategic execution carried out through unique campaign concepts and a creative narrative, GreenRoom effectively elevated the brand profile across  myriad products, both legacy and new. From timely holiday features and seasonal product exposure, to trending flavor combinations and a farewell to old favorites, the agency effectively positioned American Licorice Company as a lasting force in the industry. 


Over the course of approximately two years in partnership, GreenRoom has been able to secure a myriad of notable coverage for the brand, including dedicated placements for Red Vines® and Sour Punch®, highlighting the new products and effectively placing American Licorice Company® at the forefront of the candy industry. Leading with confectionary innovations and cult-classics alike, the brand saw coverage in notable outlets, including People Magazine, Hello Giggles, Us Weekly, Delish, Tastemade, SimpleMost, Bustle, The Daily Meal, Reader’s Digest, Candy Industry Magazine, Oprah.com, Candy & Snack Today and many more. As a testament to the strength in partnership and continued PR program success, GreenRoom earned a tremendous amount of media opportunities and earned placements from launch to present.  

Notable Successful Metrics Include:

  • 1,487,046,750 total online impressions to date
  • 11,519,589 total circulation to date
  • $1,151,227 print and broadcast comparative ad value


On the heels of a tremendous program launch and reintroduction to the media with a more concerted public relations effort on behalf of the brand, GreenRoom has maintained its momentum with the changing seasons, highlighting each product during its limited run, including generating mass exposure for brand holidays and new products to hit the scene. With a steady stream of marquee press hits month-over-month, and year-over-year, each element of the brand is serviced, including the seasons latest confections announced at SASE 2019 this spring. Looking ahead, GreenRoom is positioning American Licorice at the forefront of discussions leading trends in confections, including their latest extension in the spicy candy product line, cola-inspired flavors and an ode to the classic root beer float with a fun twist on the classic Red Vines. 

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