We feature a dynamic mix of communications strategies including holistic PR services, digital marketing & resources in content creation for print, web, photo & video. We help build awareness & drive sales by highlighting key vertical markets, geo-targeting regional audiences & growing communities to increase your social reach.

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GreenRoom’s team of passionate, hands-on public relations professionals have achieved award recognition, exceeded benchmark sales goals and aided in securing new retail partnerships through their precise approach to media relations. Targeted, strategic outreach tailored to achieve mutually-agreed upon client goals has driven widespread recognition across marquee outlets and all vertical markets.

Crafting thoughtful messaging to identify key differentiating factors for B2C and B2B clients, GreenRoom has a knack for generating impactful press coverage that builds brands and shares the client’s story in unexpected, non-traditional media outlets.

From globally-recognized brands to stealth, pre-launch startups and entrepreneurs, GreenRoom identifies and secures opportunities that position clients as experts at the center of national conversations. Through 24/7 media monitoring and a keen understanding of the news cycle and value in media recognition, the agency deftly utilizes academic studies, trend pieces and major events, both domestic and global to elevate public perception and awareness. Tactics for proven success include, securing speaking engagements at conferences and panels, drafting and securing publication of bylined articles and instating clients as long-running, regular columnists.

Whether engaging with staff, investors or consumers, these distinct audiences require bespoke and thoughtfully formulated messages. GreenRoom possesses the verbal and written acumen to communicate effectively across all three mediums. From developing consistent messaging which defines goals and adheres to a company’s mission statement for internal literature, to encapsulating a client’s successes and value proposition for corporate and consumer consumption, the agency is a trusted partner in carving out and communicating our client’s identity.

Ground tours, industry trade shows and media events present a platform for major visibility and the opportunity to interface with journalists, potential retail partners, strategic partners and distributors. While these activities can often require a significant investment from the participating company, GreenRoom has an innate understanding of the most impactful paid media opportunities, trade shows and events for a brand to participate in for maximum ROI. The agency has represented brands at intimate media events and large-scale domestic and international trade shows, achieving meaningful on-site interactions, careful planning and on-site execution.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The collective experience of the agency has stewarded clients through crisis situations and we actively work together to identify vulnerabilities as a function of preparedness to be sufficiently armed in the face of potential crisis. GreenRoom’s forward-thinking, proactive approach helps clients respond when the unexpected happens by formulating a strategy to defuse negative publicity and stabilize both reputation and public image.

Effective communication is essential to engage with the media, garnering both their attention and respect, but isn’t necessarily second nature for most. From condensing key messaging into articulate sound bites to coaching executives and key team members in advance of in-person or phone interviews, GreenRoom offers in-depth media training to executives and leadership to put their company and themselves in the best light, on camera or off. The executive team will learn how to anticipate and address tough questions and how to firmly and tactfully return to the topic at hand, retaining the power in the interview process.

In anticipation of product launch, GR will eagerly pursue the maximum amount of positive coverage through embargoed pre-launch outreach and targeted release distribution. Our proprietary launch tactics and strategies provide industry-leading coverage results.

After coverage is published, we will send turnkey coverage updates that include pertinent information in order to maximize the exposure on owned channels, digital advertising, websites (brand + retailer), sales decks and more. Included in these updates are pull quotes, tagging suggestions and channel-specific paid digital advertising recommendations.

With media outlets needing additional revenue streams and the rise of influencer marketing, we will continuously seek non-traditional coverage opportunities that drive sales. Through media outlets that regularly publish round-ups which earn affiliate commissions or YouTube influencers who are incentivized via referrals, our robust list of revenue-driving contacts will deliver both exposure and sales.

GreenRoom leverages a current network and seeks out new opportunities that span across industries for a highly-tailored relationship uniquely designed to be mutually beneficial. These integrations go far beyond typical and superficial “influencer” engagements and are designed to promote long-term brand growth, visibility, and impactful sales.