As the innovative leader in self-care, wellness and personal health and audio products, HoMedics strives to provide its customers with products that promote overall well-being and entertainment. The extensive line of personal wellness and audio products allows its customers to relax their bodies, renew their spirit and amplify their lives.


GreenRoom was tasked with two initiatives for HoMedics’ audio brands, including House of Marley, JAM Audio and SOL Republic. First the agency started by proactively pursuing all short lead gift guide opportunities starting in November by securing a combination of print, web and broadcast media. The agency aimed to finish Q4 with a slew of impactful coverage that cascaded to the start of a strong Q1. Second, and in tandem with holiday initiatives, GreenRoom began seeding all media and award opportunities for the world’s largest tradeshow, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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In order to ensure a slew of phenomenal short lead gift guide coverage, GreenRoom saturated a multitude of vertical markets, with a specific focus on men’s interest, consumer technology, audio enthusiasts and news outlets. The main tactics include generate key messages unique to each brand that promotes their innovative and unique qualities and doggedly pursue any holiday gift guide or marquee media opportunities, saturating every vertical market to ensure the best placements

Additionally, GreenRoom developed a comprehensive tradeshow strategy focused on awards coverage and extensive meeting schedule with key media. The implemented strategy included: Strategically conduct media outreach to build out a robust schedule of meetings with key media throughout the show; Conduct extensive media follow-up to ensure a copious stream of press following the show; Submit the brands’ latest innovations for all pertinent awards; Seed with non-attending media prior to the show to ensure widespread coverage of newly launched products; Manage all media meetings on the show floor and positioning company spokespeople as thought leaders within the audio industry;



Within 60 days, GreenRoom secured a considerable number of top tier gift guide placements for the 3 brands, resulting in marquee coverage with outlets including Fortune, Esquire and The Huffington Post. With tens of thousands of households reached by broadcast segments, more than 5 million in print circulation and 1.3 billion unique monthly visitors, the holidays were a resounding success for each of the brands! GreenRoom’s public relations efforts and coordination throughout the show resulted in a successful campaign that saw influential coverage in a variety of vertical markets. GreenRoom built out a schedule comprised of back-to-back meetings and stop-bys with outlets including Digital Trends and TechHive, while seeding on show floor opportunities with USA Today and HBO Latin America.

Overall, HoMedics saw a combined print circulation of 3,798,846, a comparative ad value of $31,192, and a total of over 200 million unique monthly visitors.


With relentless post-show follow up conducted by the agency, House of Marley, JAM Audio and SOL Republic saw post-show coverage for several weeks following the event. The strategic plans implemented by GreenRoom set the three brands up for success throughout the rest of Q1, paving the way for future product announcements in 2017.

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