Since 1892, Del Monte Fresh has been one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Constantly evolving with the palates of its customers, Del Monte Fresh has led the trends of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritious juices and snacks across the world. The Del Monte Fresh brand has come to be a symbol of innovation, quality, freshness and reliability.

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While Del Monte Fresh built a strong fan base stemming from its great reputation, the produce giant was looking to further distinguish itself from competitors and bring its social media marketing to the next level. They needed ideas and content as fresh as their produce to continue the brand loyalty they’ve had for 125 years, while in tandem attracting new customers and creating an active community.


In order to address the needs of the brand, the agency needed to know as much as possible about Del Monte Fresh’s most important asset, its customers. Through deep research that yielded data-driven insights, the agency was able to learn exactly who was (and was not) buying the products, what their pain points were and how the brand met those needs. With these new insights, the agency created a social content strategy that conveyed the produce in such a way that spoke directly to that core audience, moms. However, in order to keep the content engaging and not alienate other key demographics, the agency ensured diversity in the content through the development of timely social activations.


With a solid foundation, the agency created a multi-faceted program that focused on original photography, custom graphics and compelling messaging. With those assets in place, the team was able to have a regular cadence of posts and campaigns, as well as engage influencers to create content, spread the brand message and serve as a catalyst to involve the current community to share their photos and stories.

To maximize engagement, the agency also employed time-sensitive campaigns including theannual Go Bananas campaign. Designed to spark participation online and on the ground in select cities, Go Bananas encouraged Del Monte Fresh fans to share ways they stay healthy using the official campaign hashtag for a chance to win a colorful banana suit. Supporting creative was designed to drive contest entries and user-generated content was highlighted, buildingcross-channel buzz and excitement throughout the month.

To increase brand awareness among existing and emerging audiences, the agency launched a strategic influencer campaign targeting the health, fitness, and food verticals. Influencerspromoted the campaign through creating and sharing banana-themed recipes and hosting real-time Instagram Stories. These activities culminated on the ground with majorevents in Houston, Chicago, and Coral Gables featuring Del Monte Fresh games, prizes, and more. Maximizing the digital impact across official brand channels, these geo-targeted events were supported through real-time community management, content development, and strategic geo-targeted ads which incentivized follower engagement and participation.

Building on the momentum of Go Bananas, the agency designed and developed the Del Monte Fresh Holiday Game. Launched in 2018, this desktop and mobile friendly game utilized gamification to reinforce the brand mission to inspire healthy eating and living. With a global target audience in mind, the game was designed toinclude over 20 languages and featured some of the brand’s most iconic and widely-knownfruits. To activate global participation, Del Monte Fresh fans were encouraged to playand share their scores for a chance to be featured across the brand social channels. While the game and activation wereseasonally-themed, current and new fans alike continue to play and share their high scores, keeping the friendly competition and community engagement at the forefront all year round.

Geo-location also played a pivotal role in supporting existing retail partnerships, as well as key growth markets such as Canada. GreenRoom leveraged paid efforts to stimulate viewership by employing multi-variant testing across diverse channels to ensure the budget had maximum impact. The agency employed hyper-targeted messages to niche audiences and communities for individual products and campaigns.


Within seven months, Del Monte Fresh social accounts reached new milestones in engagement metrics, as well as broader corporate goals. GreenRoom’s efforts surpassed Del Monte Fresh’s year-end goals by the end of Q3 2016! Based on the success, the agency was able to secure a 100% increase in social spend from the global office. Organic Reach equaled Paid Reach on multiple campaigns, a feat unheard of in the industry.

  • 210% increase in Instagram fans and a nearly 25 percent increase in Facebook fans
  • More than 100% increase in engagement on Instagram and Facebook
  • An incredible 1,056% increase in engagement on Twitter
  • A total of 1,551 tags were generated for the 2018 Go Bananas official campaign hashtag
  • In 2018, theHoliday Game generated 7,455 game registrations

Campaign Designer and Marketing Manager – Aidan Kelly

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