Established in 2012, Cleer Audio offers award-winning high-performance headphones and smart speakers. Unbound by the shackles of conventional thinking, their immersive electronics allow users to discover freedom through unparalleled audio. Cleer believes in elevating and transforming every experience through sound by creating intention and anticipating the consumers’ needs before they are even recognized. Cleer is devoted to pioneering breakthrough, award-winning audio technologies with uncompromising performance.


Cleer Audio had seen some initial success via website traffic and product reviews for several years after launching; however, they strived for something greater – an identity that embodies their brand’s core values and personality with a strong social media presence that resonates with their consumers. As a company with its heart and headquarters in San Diego, CA, Cleer Audio wanted to get back in touch with their roots and tasked GreenRoom with a unique opportunity: re-build their brand identity from the ground up on social media while continuing to grow revenue effectively with minimal investment.

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In a digital world filled with influencers, sponsored content, fake followers, fake news and fake likes, users are craving content from brands they can trust and are choosing to buy from companies that share their moral and social beliefs. To gain the loyalty of these savvy and often skeptical consumers and distinguish ourselves amidst the thousands of competing brands in the space, our agency based our approach around one word – authenticity.

We wanted to launch the brand’s new social media channels with a cultural movement, so we created a campaign that the brand could truly own. A campaign that not only paints an accurate picture of Cleer Audio’s identity but also shines a light on the consumer and inspires meaningful action and engagement.

When developing the #OwnTheMoment campaign, our focus was on ensuring the end-user was always at the forefront. The concept had to have a “user-generated” feel. Thus, we created a campaign that showcased  “freedom through unparalleled audio” with Cleer Audio products, sharing these experiences via the campaign hashtag #OwnTheMoment.


To kick off the campaign, we flew out to Cleer Audio’s hometown in San Diego to gather content direct from the source. Our digital and creative team hit the streets of San Diego, interacting with people of all ages, genders and ethnic groups – allowing them to experience Cleer Audio products first-hand. In addition to gathering stunning photography of people dancing, feeling and singing, we were able to obtain something far more personal & real: stories. Each of these people provided us with unique, compelling stories illustrating how music has transformed their lives through the good and bad times. From breakups, to relocating, to studying for college exams, each of these users told us a story of how they were able to #OwnTheMoment through sound.

We wanted to elevate things a step further and partnered with three San Diego influencers to feature their unique stories through a docu-style video series entitled “Inspired By Music.” The powerful series featured the stories of a local ballerina, an artist and a drummer who shared with us their passion and love for music through their extraordinary professions. These videos were later launched on Cleer Audio’s IGTV platform and became a staple for the brand’s personality. The rich content that was gathered from this monumental shoot was used to create several months’ worth of organic content and digital advertisements that established the brand’s strong sense of identity and style, which ultimately led to the community of brand loyalists they have today.


Starting with virtually no brand social media presence , our digital team successfully launched multiple social media platforms from the ground up, established a solid digital brand identity, grew a community of engaged brand loyalists, drove immense website traffic and conversions at ultra-efficient rates and started a user-generated movement that will live on well into the future.

With a very conservative budget, our team had to get creative to meet Cleer’s business objectives— drive sales through the brand’s website & the Amazon storefront + grow an engaged community across all brand owned social media channels.

These ambitious objectives typically require a hefty digital advertising spend to achieve all at once. To maximize our minimal budget, our team built an innovative, integrated marketing strategy comprised of a dedicated “follower engagement squad”, influencer management, digital advertising and in-house content production. Our efforts produced the following impressive results

  • 31k+ followers across Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • 28,755,261 million impressions
  • 1,866,976 million engagements from target consumers
  • 229,490 website conversions
  • $0.26 average Cost Per Click across all advertising campaign objectives ($1 under the industry average)

The #OwnTheMoment campaign won a Bulldog Award for Best Visual Storytelling Campaign and was a finalist for two North America Innovation SABRE Awards in 2020: Best Use of Social Networks and best Micro Marketing campaign. The recognition was a validation of the authenticity and shareability of the campaign that ultimately led the brand to increase their online footprint & grow their sales channel with a largely organic effort. The campaign was so central to the brand that it appeared on all product packaging, POP material and across the brand owned website.

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