Founded in 2014 and with offices in Portland, OR. and Cypress, CA, Circle Media Labs Inc. exists to develop family-centric products that redefine how families connect.


With the parental internet/connected device tracking space growing more crowded, Circle needed to gain mindshare with parents. New entrants from router makers were emerging, along with service providers such as Comcast offering varying degrees of parental controls and monitoring. While few companies can outspend Comcast on marketing efforts, it was clear that strong media relations and thought leadership was key to the success of the program.



GreenRoom worked closely with the Circle team on a detailed communications roadmap to identify the most press worthy announcements and partnerships to ensure a cohesive story was being told about the brand and employing the executives to demonstrate thought leadership and rich storytelling around topics that were central to the brand ethos and the evolving smart family platform. At the same time, ensuring consistent product reviews in a variety of vertical markets to reach a multitude of audiences was paramount to the program.


Identifying a few key buying opportunities around major holidays and pillar pitch initiatives, the agency enacted a plan of securing marquee reviews in numerous vertical markets while also positioning the executive team as authorities on a variety of topics while touting a growing and more sophisticated business. The main topics included not only keeping kids safe online, but educating parents on how they can have a better idea of where their kids are going. The agency targeted more lifestyle, parenting and news-oriented outlets. The brand also had an important fundraising announcement that provided the agency the opportunity to tell a business focused story to major outlets such as TechCrunch and Fortune Term Sheet to provide an exceptionally wide reach of exposure to vastly different audiences.



With coverage ranging from the New York Times, USA Today, which syndicated to newspapers across the country, to a key broadcast feature on hit daytime talk show, “The Doctors,” the agency secured major wins in different mediums for the brand. Leveraging the team of experts and prime seasons such as kids leaving school for the summer, needing to get back on routines as the new school year approached, holiday screen time and even monitoring what kids are seeing in the wake of natural disasters and tragedies, the team was able to tactfully position the brand. Additionally, by keeping the local Portland market, where Circle is headquartered, consistently briefed on the developments with the company, its profile was raised and earned the distinction of being “Startup of the Year” which was a huge distinction in the community.

• Print Circulation – Over 7.4 million

• Web Impressions – Over 1.3 billion

• Broadcast Household Audience – Over 2.1 million