Why Your Brand Needs to Gram

Why Your Brand Needs to Gram

Since the creation of Instagram in 2010, the platform has continued to grow in popularity. In fact, Instagram has become so popular that “Do it for the gram” has taken on a meaning of its own! “Instagrammable” has even been added to the US Dictionary!

In the fall of 2018, Instagram surpassed Snapchat as being the top platform for teenagers. With 71% of Instagram users being under the age of 35 with a pretty even distribution of male to female users, Instagram has become the venue for establishing and rolling out new marketing strategies.

According to Hootsuite, there are more than 7.7 billion people and counting on Instagram with over 1 billion active users a month. Among those 1 billion users, more than 500 million use Instagram every day. With such unreal statistics, avoid #FOMO and start Instagram marketing!

In July 2019 Facebook announced that the new official name of Instagram will be “Instagram from Facebook” which is beneficial as Instagram has been able to use Facebook’s strong foundation to propel itself to new heights. Further, with Instagram Insights, brands can see how followers are responding to their posts and stories.

This explains why 90% of all brands are active on Instagram with Tech and Consumer Electronics brands setting the standard while being able to showcase their personality in their posts. Creating a unique conversation around your brand’s story is something that is very easy to accomplish on IG, through dynamic imagery and storytelling.

You can engage with your target audience by revealing your style through the pictures you post, and building a true brand community surrounding this content. Instagram is especially useful for companies who want to create a powerful and dynamic home for visually-inspired engagement with their audience.  Brands in the tech & consumer-electronics space are truly setting the standard when it comes to creating a community around your brand through Instagram.

Take Go-Pro (@GoPro) for example, where they not only display the amazing ways you can use their products but more dynamically even, take the audience on journeys to faraway places.  Using this approach, the brand captures not only the tech aficionado but also the travel addicts.  The correct #IG strategy will educate & entertain your audience and grow your follower base, as you control the conversation and direct the narrative of how your current & future customers engage with your brand.

By creating a memorable Instagram reputation for your brand, you can keep followers looking forward to your stories and posts daily. With stories lasting for a maximum of 15 seconds, they serve as a fun, quick way to capture followers’ attention and lead them to brand’s page.

Instagram brings your brand’s personalities to life with all its engaging tools and is becoming a critical channel to attract new customers while marketing products. Explore the trend, express your vibe and get #gramming!

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