Using Instagram Themes to Enhance Your Social Media Theme

Using Instagram Themes to Enhance Your Feed

With over 1 billion active users per month, it’s no surprise your clients may find it increasingly difficult to gain followers and grow engagement on Instagram. It’s a challenge for content to be noticed in a busy feed and because of it, agencies are now tasked with finding fresh and creative ways to help draw in their audience.

Creating a first impression is not just for an interview or client meeting. The first impression users have when browsing your client’s digital presence is a critical part of their brand sentiment and reputation. Currently, over 30% of Instagram users purchase a product they first discovered on the platform, making it imperative for companies to establish and maintain a visually engaging platform that will be inviting, gain attention, and ultimately drive sales.

You may be asking yourself, “What is an Instagram theme and how do I go about creating one?” Simple actions like using the Preview app can help you edit photos, find hashtags, and schedule content in advance of posting.

Del Monte Fresh's Instagram has a cohesive layout

As it is oftentimes easier to learn by example, GreenRoom’s digital team has pulled together a few examples of how we have incorporated themes on our client’s platforms; effectively creating beautiful pages that gain traction.

One of the most common and easy-to-create is the “Line Down the Middle” theme. You may have seen this theme on Instagram which is often made up of quotes or mantras on a flat or solid background. The appearance of this visual line breaks up the content and has a strong vertical orientation which helps guide your viewers as they scroll down your page.

At GreenRoom, we have subtly incorporated this theme for Del Monte Fresh Produce on their Instagram page by using quotes on a flat background surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables to break up giveaway, recipe, and user generated content.

The “Puzzle” theme is another creative and visually interesting theme. While this layout may be a bit more challenging to design, the result is an intriguing and dynamic photo collage. This starts with linking all the photos on your feed together to form a larger picture. Aside from the more design-intensive aspect, it’s key to make sure each individual image is strong enough to stand alone as its own post. This means carefully thinking through how each visual will connect and what they will represent individually and collectively.

For Cleer, GreenRoom utilizes the puzzle tactic on InstagramGreenRoom recently utilized this theme when creating Instagram content for a product launch at CES for our client, CLEER. Because this theme had never been used before, it strategically disrupted the our client’s content and established a clear break (pun intended) while generating excitement for something new on the horizon!

Keep in mind, the “Line Down the Middle” and “Puzzle” themes are just some of the various ways you can incorporate a new aesthetic into your Instagram feed. A variety of themes including black and white, bright colors, checkerboard, consistent filter, white or black borders, are potential avenues for you to change up your brand’s look and feel.

It’s important to research and explore other accounts on Instagram for inspiration to help you find the best theme for you or your client’s business and put it into practice. With so many ideas, it may be challenging to choose just one theme but it’s time to get those creative juices flowing!