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When is the Right Time to Hire a PR Agency?

Do you have a great product but feel like you could be reaching more consumers? According to Nielsen Research, 66% of consumers trust earned media, such as online reviews, making it the third most trusted source for brand information during the buying process. With increasing consumer trust in social media, online and mobile advertising, investing in PR is becoming a necessity for businesses. But when does it make sense to hire a PR agency? Here are four circumstances where you should consider enlisting the help of a PR agency:

  1. When you’re launching a new product

Using a PR agency provides the media with a first look at the product. This positions your brand for strong press coverage in advance of the launch, which results in robust coverage throughout the launch as well.


  1. While planning for the holiday season

Because consumers are already in “buying mode” during the holiday season, this is an ideal time to utilize a PR agency to place your products in front of target audiences.


  1. In preparation for a trade show

To maximize time at trade show, a PR agency can secure meetings with top-tier media outlets during the show. PR pro’s media connections can help your brand make a lasting impact and better position your product.


  1. When you need to increase brand awareness

For many brands, hiring a PR agency can generate fresh media placements that share products with millions of potential new customers. Keep in mind, success from PR doesn’t always happen immediately, which is why creating a program that lasts beyond a few months is crucial. Continuously integrating PR into your greater marketing strategy can ultimately increase your market reach and ROI.


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