From Intern to Colleague: Tips for Landing a Full-Time Job

An internship is a must when transitioning from the classroom to the workforce, as it helps you gain practical experience, expand your network, and, most importantly, learn about what you want (and don’t want) in a job.

I was able to turn my GreenRoom internship into a full-time job as an Account Coordinator. If you’re like I was and have “Internships can turn into full-time jobs” at the center of your vision board, I have a few tips for you for your next internship.

Be Organized
Most of us apply for internships while balancing class, school organizations, a social life, and sometimes a second job. However, while you’re in the office, you need to treat your internship like it’s your only priority. Work hard to surpass expectations and show you’re reliable in order to earn the respect of your boss and co-workers, proving you have what it takes to be a full-time employee.

Heidy’s Tip: 

• Pay close attention to details and deadlines. I can’t stress enough how important time management is, especially in a PR/Social Media job. Keep track of all the projects you’re working on, be prepared for meetings, and take notes about everything that’s happening in the office, even if it doesn’t pertain to your role. It’ll help you get more involved in projects and show your coworkers that you’re eager to learn.

Be Hungry for Any Task
Whether you’re assigned a quotidian task or something you’ve never seen before, make sure you take ownership of every assignment. Remember that your potential isn’t only seen when working on high-profile assignments. Show off your skills by doing everything you’re asked to do well (no matter the task!), ask questions when you need help, and through it all show your excitement to keep learning and doing more for the agency. Those who can do small tasks well are more likely to be trusted with bigger projects.

Heidy’s Tips: 

• Show an eagerness to learn. Show you’re serious about a future in PR or Social Media and at GreenRoom by asking questions, offering to sit in on meetings with different clients, and showing interest in different job paths.

•  Push yourself to tackle new things. When you’ve wrapped up a task, ask for the chance to complete the next step of the project or even see it through to the end. This will prove you’re more than capable of taking on challenging (and exciting!) assignments.

Become Indispensable
Taking ownership of a project puts you in a good place to continue managing that project. Even in small things, look for opportunities in ongoing tasks that you can take on as yours. For instance, I started putting together monthly reports, relieving the PR team of something that could pull them away from pitching. After showing I could do it well with little guidance, it turned from a one-time project to something I always worked did. When it came time to assess if I would get a job, it was clear that I’d already have work on my plate in the future. After all, I had created a style, organization, and comfort within the company around this ongoing task.

In short: beyond being reliable and showing your potential, make it so that there’s no one else who could quite fill your role.

Heidy’s Tips:

• Become independent. Create a place for yourself in the office by taking on independent projects or focusing on a specific area of your expertise that you can own.

• Offer new ideas. Showcase your creativity and offer ideas during brainstorms or client meetings. Your contribution is always helpful to the team!

Making a great impression, building strong relationships with your colleagues, and making yourself an integral part of the team will get one foot in the door when a full-time position opens. Whether you’re in a PR or Social Media internship, these tips are fundamental in helping you land a full-time position once your internship is over!