How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Day Spa

Promoting your day spa online now involves more than just setting up a website and updating your blog regularly. Social networking tools including Twitter and Facebook can help you achieve a stronger online presence and communicate directly with spa guests and prospective clients. You can generate immediate interest in spa specials, build a community of loyal customers, and announce special events and offers within a few clicks.

There are several ways day spa owners can leverage social media tools to market their spa online. Here are some tips for using social media to promote your day spa:

1. Join Twitter. Twitter is becoming one of the most efficient online marketing tools for small businesses, and is a great way to develop a following for your day spa. Twitter gives you a chance to promote links and make announcements without sounding ‘spammy’ – as long as you use it correctly. Set up a Twitter profile and start finding current and prospective clients to follow so that your day spa can become easily accessible online.

2. Set up and maintain an active Facebook profile. Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, but it’s more than just a platform for showcasing your online profile. The highly interactive element of Facebook allows you to interact directly with your current and prospective clients in much the same way as Twitter. You can even link your Twitter profile to your Facebook account to keep them both up to date in one step.

3. Leave comments on blogs. Interacting with your target market via blog comments is a great way to reach out to the local community and keep up with what your clients are interested in. Use the Google Blog search tool to find out who is blogging about spa treatments in your area, beauty tips and other spa-related information. This is your chance to join the online chatter and establish your presence. If your day spa has its own blog, great! If not, make sure you use your website URL as the link when you post a comment.

4. Promote your own blog posts. Use tools such as StumbleUpon and to promote your latest blog posts. These social tools will help to send your links out into the blogosphere, making it easier for people to pick up the links and link to your content. This strategy is just another way to increase your online exposure and bring more traffic to your website.

5. Write guest blog posts for other industry professionals. Write articles or provide tips on spa treatments and trends to local bloggers as a guest contributor for an online spa directory. This is a simple way to build your brand and generate some interest in your day spa.

When you’re marketing your day spa online, you need to focus on creating a strong, professional online presence. Social media tools really are all about people, so it’s important to use tools such as Twitter and Facebook without spamming your followers and fans. Provide value for your fans and followers so that they continue to frequent your spa and become genuinely interested in the items you post.