Becoming Pandemic-Relevant: Helping Audio Brand Edifier Take Center Stage For WFH

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, client Edifier and GreenRoom realized how important affordable earbuds, headphones, and desktop speakers would become in this new work from home era. 

To make Edifier a much buzzed about WFH household name, the agency introduced the brand as providers for solutions to common work at home/school at home noise and audio problems to consumer lifestyles outlets and showcased Edifier’s abilities to both meet new pandemic-centric demands while being affordable and accessible in a tough economy. While historically focused on CE Tech and Audio trade media for product reviews, the GreenRoom team knew that a consumer and lifestyles driven focus would help the brand gain strong visibility among the brand’s key sales demographic as a recommendation of must-have audio solutions for people who suddenly found themselves working from home or attending school from home amidst lockdowns.

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Week after week of noteworthy product reviews and media recommendations in national and regional marquee consumer lifestyles outlets, spanning across print and digital, helped the brand gain notoriety as a reliable provider of affordable, top-quality work and school at home audio devices. Over 215 pieces of media coverage were delivered to the Edifier team by GreenRoom between March and June 2020 in top lifestyles and consumer outlets like BuzzFeed, NBC News, and Rolling Stone. The total cumulative reach was 6.4 billion UMV over the 4-month period!


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