With so many companies having to go virtual basically overnight, we all witnessed Zoom’s popularity skyrocket along with the scrutiny that newfound ubiquity brought.

The video conferencing platform added the virtual video background feature they announced back in late January. The feature allows users to play looping videos behind them while on a call, which make for dynamic displays or in some cases, top-tier trolling. We’ve even seen a case of a woman turn herself into a potato and not figure out how to regain human form! And in a time where we are responsibly practicing social distancing but at the same time, craving interpersonal interaction, this Zoom update couldn’t have been timelier.

As a creative agency, we took the opportunity to jump on this trend and create our very own fun and branded Zoom backgrounds for our clients and even for ourselves. We’ve started using them in our own weekly meetings to stay social and connected with our work family. If you’re looking for your own fun, creative and branded Zoom backgrounds to stay social and captivate in your next video conference, click HERE to be in touch with our team of digital experts. In the meantime, feel free to download the Zoom backgrounds we created to feel like you’re in the heart of downtown Miami. Some call it the Magic City, but we call it home! Be safe and stay well!