Use Social Media to Help Lose Weight Faster!

Do you love to update, check-in and tweet? Well, why not use these communication tools to document your weight-loss goals. Feeling connected to a support system can be a great way to keep you motivated and share results. Lost another 5 pounds? Great! Post it so that everyone can comment with positive feedback and help push you further.

Using social media can also help you make better choices. If you have followers that are watching for your updates, you may be less likely to eat dessert or skip a workout if it means there won’t be such positive results to post.

There are also handy apps that can help you upload when on the go. Snap a photo of your meal to track your calories or tweet a 3-mile run from your phone. If you already have a known presence on Facebook be sure to regularly post updates so your friends will be in the loop (they may even join-in so you can start your own biggest loser).

Documenting your weight-loss journey online is just another form of journaling. If you want to get really advanced you can even start a blog with weigh-ins, pictures and nutrition tracking. Once you start, be sure to include all your friends and family so you can build an online community of followers and personal cheerleaders.

Social Media Guru Of The Future


Created for Social Media Week 2012, this video, set in 2062, captures interviews with a group of “pioneer” social media “gurus” reminiscing about the good old days of social media and digital culture. It was created by Entrinsic

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