From Intern to Colleague: Tips for Landing a Full-Time Job

An internship is a must when transitioning from the classroom to the workforce, as it helps you gain practical experience, expand your network, and, most importantly, learn about what you want (and don’t want) in a job. I was able to turn my GreenRoom internship into a full-time job as an Account Coordinator. If you’re […]

An agency partner can compliment in-house marketing efforts

Partnering for Success: Why Hire an Agency if You Have an Internal Team

With summer in full swing, many in-house teams are laser-focused on seasonal trade shows, industry events and warm-weather marketing opportunities. This makes perfect sense, but raises an important question; why are their agencies focused on a different season? At this time of year, as temperatures rise and heating systems become a distant memory, we in […]

Press conference at a trade show

The Right Time to Hire a Public Relations Agency

Often in our conversations with brands the question arises of when to hire an agency. While each situation is unique, there are a few times when agency support can be especially helpful. Launching a Brand New Product As an agency, we’re able to place our clients in a plethora of marquee media outlets. By giving […]