Get Recognized

Whether you’re a new product innovator, industry disruptor offering a revitalized spin on a classic or a legacy consumer product with more than a century of success, nearly all brands have a compelling story to tell. From what’s often a matter of unearthing the gems or strategic positioning, PR teams are trained to work with […]

A brave new world – Instagram without likes | What your brand can do now to stand out

A brave new world – Instagram without likes | What your brand can do to stand out

What’s the metric you look for first when checking back in on an Instagram post? We hate to say it. But we all do it. It’s ‘Likes’, right? How many Likes did your competitor get? How quickly? How many more (or less) Likes are being dished out to other accounts? And how many to yours? […]

Times Up, Times Square?

Times Up, Times Square? Every brand on the planet is always looking to make a “big splash” whether it’s for a new product launch, partnership announcement or during a peak buying time like the holidays. In the days of a monoculture, brands would often leverage Times Square as New York has long been considered the […]

Why Your Brand Needs to Gram

Why Your Brand Needs to Gram Since the creation of Instagram in 2010, the platform has continued to grow in popularity. In fact, Instagram has become so popular that “Do it for the gram” has taken on a meaning of its own! “Instagrammable” has even been added to the US Dictionary! In the fall of […]

Meaningful Media Relations Doesn’t Require a Zip Code

The value in any PR agency comes from its ability to synthesize messaging that is in alignment with a client’s goals and effectively tell that story to the media. While it may sound like a relatively simple concept, there are a myriad of variables that influence an earned media program, some which make that dynamic […]

The Truth Behind the Shark Tank Effect

For many emerging brands, 90 seconds in front of four wealthy entrepreneurs who each vie to take your business to new heights on national TV is something many only dream about! For the few that not only make it to the show and get a deal, it can change the trajectory of a business and […]

3 Ways to Leverage Creative Services to Maximize Brand Events

Our favorite part of working with our clients is the opportunity to tell their story in meaningful and creative ways. From in-studio designs to filming on-set, our Creative team works hard to bring brands to life with groundbreaking visuals; but did you know these services can also elevate your event? We had the opportunity to […]

3 Ways Your PR Team Can Support Retail But Probably Isn’t

In a competitive retail environment, it’s never been more critical to ensure that all teams work in harmony to influence sales, and that’s never been truer of a PR team. While PR and sales have a tenuous relationship of influencing each other’s success while never guaranteeing it, there are several ways that we work in […]

The Rise of Nano-Influencers

Today’s social media environment is saturated with sponsorships, advertisements, and brand endorsements. It’s easy to find yourself wondering if the product that your favorite Instagram influencer is constantly promoting is really all that life-changing, or if it’s just paying them a pretty penny. With brands searching for a more relatable and approachable outlet to help […]

2019 Marketing Trends

While most companies are focused on offering the best products and services, it’s becoming continually important to be more vocal about its core values and how those are put into action with strategic cause marketing. Here at GreenRoom, we have always felt that commitment to a cause should be celebrated and be part of an […]