Increasing Kickstarter Campaign Awareness with Social Media

One of the key components missing from most brands Kickstarter campaigns is a fully integrated social media campaign. In order to avoid losing out on these opportunities use these checklist items to help your social media strategy stay on course. Amplify messaging about the campaign utilizing all social channels! Are you promoting your campaign on […]

Now & Then: A Millennial’s Look Back at Tech

  Some of my most vivid memories from childhood are from lengthy trips to the public library. When I was a kid, writing a paper on Sir Francis Drake or endangered rhino required spending a full roll of quarters and a couple hours at the local library photocopying pages from Encyclopedia Britannica.   Nowadays though, […]

Planning for a Product Announcement

A brand can make a media announcement as often as every couple of weeks or as seldom as every few years, but each one is just as significant as the other. Although a client announcement or launch takes place over the course of a day, the work of an agency begins weeks in advance. Being […]

The 7 One Hit Wonders of the Tech Past

In honor of One Hit Wonder Day the GRS team decided to compile a list of our favorite products that rose to glory and faded reluctantly into darkness. Take a trip down memory lane with us and hit the comments with any classics we missed. We definitely didn’t mean to skip-it! 1. Tamagotchi – Because […]

The Evolution of a Startup: Steps to Growing up as a Brand

Defining a startup can be challenging; is it based on company size, yearly or quarterly growth or projected income? While most people define a startup as a company in the early stages of its operation, there are no hard and fast rules of the definition. We see a lot of startups in the consumer goods […]

Demos Do It – Keeping it Fresh on the Floor

This isn’t your grandma’s “wear comfortable shoes and bring business cards” post about a tradeshow floor! We’ve been logging some miles around the country recently, and have watched two very distinct scenarios unfold. One is an engaging booth that always seems to be full, and the other is the group that puts forth an effort, […]

“Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” – When it Comes to Experiencing a Product

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell had it right, there truly is nothing like the real thing and that certainly became apparent while at CE Week 2014 in New York. Being able to demo a product for media, buyers and investors, rather than verbally or digitally conveying a product’s unique selling points, is worth its weight […]

Persuasion in a (Mis)guided World

I think it was the Blockbuster hit best movie ever, Field of Dreams, that once said “If you build it, he will come”, but any entrepreneur, heck any business owner, knows that isn’t always the case. We build, destroy, strategize and rebuild again before finally landing upon the perfect business model or product that not […]