The 7 One Hit Wonders of the Tech Past

In honor of One Hit Wonder Day the GRS team decided to compile a list of our favorite products that rose to glory and faded reluctantly into darkness. Take a trip down memory lane with us and hit the comments with any classics we missed. We definitely didn’t mean to skip-it!

1. Tamagotchi – Because pets weren’t allowed in school


2.  Zune – Thumbs up to Microsoft for trying to keep up with Apple. #DeadInTheWater

    3.  Hit Clips – Because you really only need one minute of  your favorite 90’s songs to get the party started!

Hit Clips

4. Teddy Ruxpin – Siri, who?

Teddy Ruxpin

5.  Talk Boy – Because of course PR professionals love hearing the sound of their own voices!


7. Nintendo Power Pad – Who says you can’t work up a sweat playing video games?