2019 Marketing Trends

While most companies are focused on offering the best products and services, it’s becoming continually important to be more vocal about its core values and how those are put into action with strategic cause marketing. Here at GreenRoom, we have always felt that commitment to a cause should be celebrated and be part of an overall brand story. The true skill of a brand’s communications team lies in one word: genuine. For instance, a thinly veiled purchase of a carbon offset does not reveal a true passion for sustainability, but a commitment to biodegradable packaging does. It’s critical to know the difference and put a responsible plan into action.

To better illustrate the point, the following are a few examples of our team putting effective plans into motion:


Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and former Team USA hockey star Rachael Malmberg is living proof. As 31-year old former athlete, Rachel never smoked but was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, likely from high exposure to radon in her childhood and current home. Thankfully, she’s responding well to treatment and we’ve been able to give her a platform to educate consumers about the hidden dangers and the importance of ongoing indoor air quality measurement from Airthings.


American Licorice
The 100-year-old confection brand and makers of Red Vines and Sour Punch Straws have had strong ties to the Boys and Girls Club and felt their mission of mentorship and support of the kids who need it most has never been more pertinent than in the tumultuous times we’re currently living in. Being moved by the story of an Olympic hopeful’s long journey from childhood bully to self-acceptance may be seen as a unique move since it didn’t have strong ties to them selling candy. However, the brand feels it’s much larger than that, and wants kids all over the world to embrace what may make them different. NPR affiliates agreed and we were able to harness the power of radio for the messages from this elite athlete to local groups of children.


Del Monte Fresh


As one of the leading producers and distributors of fresh fruit, vegetables and prepared foods, Del Monte Fresh understands the importance of putting the needs of the environment and people first. Not satisfied with simply adopting a high-level “green” approach to overall operations, the brand took a bold stance and implemented several initiatives supporting the protection of biodiversity around the world. From wildlife and habitat protection to environmental restoration efforts, we strategically integrated these initiatives as part of Del Monte Fresh’s social content strategy to help educate followers on the importance of minimizing the overall environmental impact. In addition to highlighting the many ways this brand is committed to doing what is best for our world, we sparked positive community engagement across their social channels, expanding the awareness of these environmental campaigns beyond our current follower base.


Sawyer Products
While the company tasked us with raising the profile of its premium water filters, as well as tick and insect repellent, a central value of the company is providing clean water to the regions of the world that need it most. Working closely with the team to give that commitment a greater voice gives us the ability to showcase a brand beyond its products, and one that truly believes it can save lives through access to clean water! A very visible demonstration of how serious the brand is gave us the ammunition needed to saturate an entire media market in Texas.